WordPerfect: How to add icons to the WordPerfect toolbar

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To add a toolbar icon in WordPerfect:

  1. Open WordPerfect
  2. Right click on the toolbar and choose "Edit..."
  3. Use the Feature categories: dropdown to pick the desired category
  4. Scroll thru the alphabetical list to find the desired item.
  5. Drag the item up from the list and onto the toolbar.
  6. You can drag the item to any location on the toolbar.
  7. To remove an icon from the toolbar, drag it off the toolbar and drop it anywhere that is not on the toolbar.
  8. Click OK to finalize the edit(s).
  • We don't recommend adding icons to the Property bar (the second default toolbar in WordPerfect) as icons you add will only show part of the time.
  • You can use the Keystrokes tab to add keystrokes to the toolbar
  • You can use the Programs or Macros tabs to add programs and macros to the toolbar

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