Quattro Pro: How to reset QuattroPro to factory defaults

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Manually reset QuattroPro to factory default as follows:

  1. Close QuattroPro
  2. Reset the configuration files
    • Click Start, type %appdata%\Corel and press enter. A file browser window opens.
    • Double Click on the name of your version of WordPerfect Office (eg, WordPerfect Office 2020)
    • Right click on QuattroPro and choose Rename... from the context menu.
    • Rename QuattroPro to QuattroPro-Old and press Enter to save the change
    • Close the file browser window.
  3. Reset the registry entries
    • Click Start, type Regedit.exe
    • Click on Registry Editor in the search results.
    • Answer Yes if prompted for permission.
    • Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Corel\QuattroPro using the left hand panel in RegEdit.
    • Expand QuattroPro by double clicking on it.
    • Right click on your version of QuattroPro and choose Rename. Rename it to your version _old and press enter to save the change.
      1. A note on version numbers.  X9 is 19, 2020 is 20, and so on
      2. As such, for version 2020, you would rename 20 to 20_old
    • Once it is renamed, repeatedly press the left arrow on your keyboard to collapse the tree on the left back to the original five entries. This is not essential, but is considered to be good housekeeping and makes it easier if you ever need to use this program in future.
    • Close RegEdit
  4. Restart the computer
    • Click Start, Power, Restart or Start, Restart depending on your version of Windows.
  5. Retry QuattroPro


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