Footnote number does not appear as superscript in the body of document

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If you find that a document no longer has footnote numbers (in the body of the document) superscripted, we need to make sure the superscript code is added globally again to the appropriate style.


1) Click on the "Format" menu

2) Click on "Styles

3) Find the "Ftn#InDoc" style and highlight it

4) Click on "Edit"

5) Select the "[Footnote Num Disp]" code (it needs to be surrounded by [Select> on one side, and the red cursor on the other)

6) Click on the "Format" menu

7) Click on "Fonts"

8) Change the "Position" to "Superscript"

9) Hit "OK", and then hit "OK"

10) Hit "Close"


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