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How the Lowly Bullet Can Help You Become a Better Communicator

Have you ever had to reread a colleague's e-mail or meeting notes to try and pull out action items or important details?

While simple on their own, bullets strung together can become something much more helpful—an outline for a longer document. Outlining is a highly effective way to organize your ideas when creating a report or other document.

WordPerfect® Office X4 makes it easy to work with bullets and outlines in each of WordPerfect X4, Presentations™ X4 and in the new WordPerfect® Lightning™ digital notebook.

Bulleted Lists in WordPerfect X4

Lists in Lightning

WordPerfect Lightning is a lightweight and easy to use digital notebook. Many have already discovered how fast and powerful WordPerfect Lightning is for creating to-do lists and meeting notes—in fact, this tip was created in WordPerfect Lightning!

From Lightning Note to Presentations Outline

If you like to create an outline when preparing a presentation, here's a handy way to put one together in WordPerfect Lightning so you automatically populate your slides in Presentations X4.

Whether you're working in WordPerfect Office X4 or in Microsoft Outlook, bullets, lists and outlines can help make you a better communicator. Try it out, and if you haven't already, try out the new WordPerfect Office X4.

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