WordPerfect X5 crashes when CD-DVDs or USB device are put into the computer

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On some computers, WordPerfect will close/disappear when CD/DVD discs are inserted into the computer, or when USB devices are plugged into it. This includes printers, drives, and cameras.

We have seen this is caused on some machines are installed with a startup utility called: IconUtility


To turn off the program IconUtility so that it does not start up with the computer, and cause WordPerfect to crash:

  1. On Windows XP: Click on Start, and then Click on “Run”. Type “msconfig” without the quotes, and hit “OK”
    On Windows Vista | Windows 7: Click on Start, and in the “Start Search” area, type “msconfig” and hit the “Enter” key.
  2. Click on the "Startup" tab at the top
  3. In the list of items, uncheck "Icon Utility"
  4. Hit "Apply". If an Access Denied error message comes up again, hit "OK"
  5. Hit "OK" or "Close". If an Access Denied error message comes up again, hit "OK"

The next time you restart the computer, the IconUtility program should no longer be running, and WordPerfect will no longer close whenever something is plugged into your computer, or a disc is inserted into the drive.

On Windows XP, the next to you start your computer you will get a System Configuration Utility message warning you that you have made changes to how the computer starts up. There will be a checkmark box, and an "OK" button. If you put a checkmark in the box, then this message will not appear again.


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