I setup my page definition but I still can't print to my manual feeder from WordPerfect

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When trying to print from WordPerfect¬ģ to a tray in your printer other than the default, you might notice that WordPerfect is not printing to the proper tray, even after setting up a page definition within WordPerfect. You may even go to the printer properties from within WordPerfect and force it to print to a different tray, yet it still only prints to the default tray.

NOTE: This article assumes that you have already setup your page definitions properly. If you have not, please refer to article . This can happen if the driver for your printer does not allow to Automatically Select a printer tray, thus allowing the WordPerfect page definitions to do their job. This issue may be addressed by downloading the latest printer driver from your printer manufacturer. As a workaround, go to the printer properties from WordPerfect and select the page definition from within your driver.

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