Mathtype error when inserting equation in WordPerfect

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In some rare cases the error: “Mathtype is not installed, or the registration database is incorrect.  To create or edit a formula, run the WordPerfect Office setup program and install MathType.” may occur when inserting an equation into a WordPerfect document when using Windows 10.

Here’s how to prevent this error and successfully insert an equation:
1. Close WordPerfect
2. Click Start and type “Devices and Printers”
3. Click Devices and Printers at the top of the list
4. Right click on your default (or most often used) printer and choose “Set as default printer”
5. Click OK on the notice that reads, “Setting this printer as default means Windows will stop managing your default printer.”
6. Note the green checkmark on your default printer.
7. Open WordPerfect
8. Click Insert, Equation. 
The equation editor starts without error.

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