WordPerfect: Converting existing documents to eBooks in WordPerfect

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onverting an existing document to an eBook

  1. Open Wordperfect
  2. Click file, New from project...
  3. Choose eBook publisher from the list and double click on it.
  4. When prompted about macros, answer yes.
  5. Provide a title and chapter name when prompted.
  6. Use File, Open to open your existing WordPerfect document.
  7. Click Edit menu > Select > All (or press Ctrl+A on the keyboard). This will highlight the entire document.
  8. Click Edit menu > Copy (or press Ctrl+C on the keyboard)
  9. Click the Window menu and select the in-progress eBook
  10. Click Edit, Paste
  11. Click File, Save As (or press F3 on the keyboard) and save your document to a new filename such as "MyFile-ebook.wpd"
  12. Review the formatting in the book and mark your chapters using the tool at the left.
  13. At the left, click on Publish when you're ready to create your eBook.
A few notes about formatting in eBooks
  • With eBooks and formatting, less is more. You're working with a document that is intended to be viewed on a wide variety of screens (computer monitors, eBook readers, Tablets, and Cell Phones to name a few).  
  • As such here are a few guidelines:
  • Use a single hard return between paragraphs.  The book reader can add additional spacing between paragraphs if needed.
  • Use the tools on the left to add eBook specific heading styles and chapter markers. This lets WordPerfect generate a table of contents for your new eBook.
  • The reader will have a default font that looks best on it's screen.  As such using Paste Simple or Paste Unformatted often produces better results.  
  • Regarding images, Use the tool on the left to add images.  If they're already in the document, Right click on them and choose "Position". Make sure they're anchored to Character or Paragraph. Anchoring to Page does not work well in eBooks and can cause unexpected results.e

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