Printing from WordPerfect® generates a 'document page size' message

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When trying to print from WordPerfect®, you might get a message that reads ‘The document page size is set to a custom form that may not be supported by the printer’. This warning is usually generated if your printer does not support the page definition your trying to use. However, in some cases, the warning may be generated regardless of what is being printed.

If this problem is occuring with a common page size (e.g. 8.5x11 Paper ) follow the steps for Restoring the PrintEngine and Removing/Re-installing your printer driver. If your using an unusual page size (e.g. 3x5 Card ) try following the steps for Creating a Custom Form first.

Restoring the PrintEngine

  1. Windows XP Click on ‘Start’ and go to ‘Run’ (Windows Vista/7 Click on ‘Start’ all programs, accessories run)
  2. Type regedit into the ‘Open:’ box. Click on ‘OK’ Navigate to the following path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\PrintEngine
  3. Right click on the folder PrintEngine and left click on ‘Rename’. Change the name to PrintEngineOld.
  4. Navigate to WordPerfect below the print engine key select and open 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 depending on the version your using.
  5. Right click on the Envelope folder and left click on ‘Rename’. Change the name to EnvelopeOld
  6. Close the registry editor and test.

Remove & Re-install the printer driver

If step one failed to resolve the problem, it may be necessary to remove & re-install your printer driver.
NOTE: Before removing the printer ensure that you have your printer driver so that you can re-install it.

• Go to ‘Start’ and go up to ‘Printers & Faxes’ If you using the classic menu view:
• Go to ‘Start’ and up to ‘Settings’ then click on ‘Printers & Faxes’

Right-click on the printer being used in WordPerfect, and go down to remove. Reboot your computer before reinstalling the driver. To re-add the printer, double click on the ‘Add Printer’ icon; Setup instructions on installing your printer will vary depending your make and model. If you require further assistance, please contact your system administrator or printer manufacturer.

Once you have successfully uninstalled & re-installed your printer driver repeat the steps for 'Restoring the PrintEngine' and try WordPerfect again.

NOTE: If the problem still persists, ensure that you have the latest printer driver available from your printer manufacturer.

Creating a Custom Form

Within the Windows® print subsystem it is possible to create your own custom forms. One of the reasons why WordPerfect generates these types of errors is due to the fact that the form your using does not actually exist, thus support by your printer driver may be questionable. If the size of the form falls within your printers paper handling capabilities, a custom form can be created by following the instructions outlined below:

NOTE: These instructions apply to Windows 2000 & XP users ONLY.

  1. Go into Control Panel from your Windows Start menu.
  2. Go into Printers and Faxes.
    NOTE: Printers and faxes may be located within the 'Printers and other Hardware' control panel category item.
  3. Within 'Printers and Faxes', go up to the File menu and click on 'Server Properties'.
  4. Click once on the forms tab. Put a check mark in the box next to 'Create New Form'.
  5. Enter a name for the 'Form Name:'. You can call this whatever you like but it should reflect the name of the form your trying to use (e.g. 3x5 for a 3"x5" Card ).
  6. Enter in the width and height for the form and click Ok.
  7. Close the 'Printers and Faxes' dialog box. Follow the steps under the title 'Restoring the PrintEngine'.


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