Adding the Calculator for Easy Access within WordPerfect

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How to add a calculator icon button on your Toolbar in WordPerfect, please follow these steps:

(1) Open WordPerfect

(2) Right-click on the Toolbar

(3) Select and click Edit...

The Toolbar Editor - WordPerfect dialog box will appear.

(4) Select the Programs tab

(5) Click Add Program

The Open File - dialog box will appear.

(6) Click the drop down arrow on the folder location and select the Drive: C or the drive where the Windows folder is located.

(7) Double-click on Windows folder

(8) Double-click on system32 folder

(9) Click on the calc application file or calc.exe file

(10) Click Open

The Calculator or Calc icon button will appear on your Toolbar.

(11) Click OK on the Toolbar Editor - WordPerfect dialog box.

(12) Click the Calculator or calc icon button to launch the calculator in WordPerfect.

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