Error Msg: CdrConv.exe - Application Error

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The full error message is

Error Msg: CdrConv.exe — Application Error: The instruction at 0x036cd6e7 referenced memory at 0x00000007. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program."

A Cdrconv error occurs when importing images into WordPerfect Office X4 or X5. This error occurs after using the Export to PDF function.

1. Set Cdrconv .exe to run as Win98/ME, which turns off the multi-core processing

NOTE: This workaround is applicable to Windows® XP users ONLY.
Go into My Computer. My computer is located on your desktop or in the Windows start menu.
Go into your primary hard drive ( this is usually C:\ ).
NOTE: You may receive a warning stating that 'These Files are hidden.' Click on 'Show the contents of this folder' before proceeding.
Go into Program Files.
Go into WordPerfect Office X4 or WordPerfect Office X5.
Go into Programs
Right click on the file CDRCONV ( or CDRCONV.EXE ) and go down to properties. Click on the compatibility tab at the top of your screen and place a check mark in 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' Select 'Windows 98/Windows ME' from the drop down list and click on Ok.
Close all folders & screens on your computer. Open WordPerfect and try importing your JPEG/BMP files again.

2. After publishing to PDF, delete the User Config directory in APPDATA. Which will restore the Insert Graphics functionality until the next Pub to PDF.


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