How to make a video capture of your desktop with Corel VideoStudio Pro X5?

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Creating screen capture videos


Record computer actions and mouse movement by using the screen capture feature in Corel VideoStudio Pro. This feature lets you create videos that require visualization in a few easy steps. You can also define the capture area for more emphasis and focus or integrate voice-overs.


To open the Active Screen capture window:


Click Screen Capture in the Capture Step Options Panel to launch the Screen Capture toolbar. The Corel VideoStudio Pro main program window minimizes in the background and the Screen Capture toolbar appears.


Note:  You can also launch the Screen Capture toolbar when you


Click Screen Capture from Record/Capture Option.


Note:  The capture area frame automatically appears along with the Screen Capture toolbar.


Recording your screen


Before taking the actual screen capture, make sure to configure the settings of the video first.


To configure your video:

Click Settings.

In File Settings, specify the following details:

* Filename: Enter a filename for your project.



Note:  Screen captures are saved to the Samples folder in the Library by default. Click + to add a new folder and change the location where the file is saved.


In the Format drop-down menu, choose an option from the available formats.

In Audio Settings > Voice, do one of the following:

* Click Enable voice recording.





Note:  The program automatically detects the number of display devices available on your system. Primary monitor is selected by default.


Click Enable F10/F11 shortcut key to turn the keyboard shortcuts for screen capture on and off.

Note:  If the screen capture shortcut keys are in conflict with the program you want to capture, it is recommended that you disable this feature to avoid accidental stops or pauses while recording.

To record your screen capture

Choose one of the following options:

* Full screen - lets you capture the entire screen. When you launch the Screen Capture toolbar, this option is enabled by default.



Note:  To include voice-overs and system audio, you must enable and configure the respective settings before you start recording.

* Click Start / Resume Recording to start the screen capture. All activities inside the specified capture area are recorded. Screen capture starts after the countdown.

Note:  You can press F10 to stop and F11 to pause or resume the screen capture.


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