Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X8 Top Reasons to Buy

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Corel® VideoStudio® Pro X8

Top Reasons to Buy

1. Fast and easy video editing

From personal movies and action-cam videos, to screen recordings and slideshows, VideoStudio Pro X8 is the fast and easy way to create amazing movies. Drag and drop photos, videos, and audio tracks onto the customizable workspace. Layer photos, videos, effects, transitions and other content on up to 21 multimedia tracks to create sophisticated movies. With 64-bit performance, storyboard editing and project templates, VideoStudio speeds you through all your video projects.

2. Instant movies with FastFlick™

Create a movie or slideshow in minutes with FastFlick, the 3-step movie app. Simply select a template, add your media and share your movie to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Vimeo. Or save your project in a variety of formats.

3. Pro-level creative effects

Impress your audience with sophisticated on-screen titles, graphics and transitions. Create unique effects with new overlay options and use Video Masking to hide or reveal different parts of your video. Easy Freeze Frame lets you stop the action to focus on a single frame. NewBlue FX Video Essentials II is also included, offering over 100 presets in 10 plugins to create vignettes, enhance and adjust color, correct lens distortion and much more.

'4. High-quality audio'

VideoStudio Pro X8 makes it much easier to get professional-quality sound with new Audio Ducking, which detects dialog and narration, and automatically lowers background sound. Choose the perfect soundtrack for your movie with the ScoreFitter library of royalty-free songs and sounds, and 17 royalty-free tracks from Triple Scoop Music.

5. Time-saving features take work out of you way

Work faster and focus more on the creative parts of your projects thanks to smart features that do more for you. In the Library, new Thumbnail Ticking marks clips with a checkmark once they have been used, so you can easily avoid using the same footage twice. Multiple Projects Editing makes it easy to re-use videos you have already created in new projects, and now you can save and re-use your customized Filters and Transitions.

6. Create stunning movies

Work with XAVC S, a new standard for video cameras based on MP4-AVC/H.264 and get support for resolutions up to 4K 3840 x2160. 4K hardware acceleration is optimized for upcoming Intel 5th generation processors, deliver over 400% faster performance than VideoStudio Pro X7. Overall playback performance in full HD is also enhanced and more tracks can be played in real time.

7. More kinds of movies

Create a variety of projects with a truly versatile video editor. Have fun with stop motion animation and time-lapse tools. Record directly from your screen with Screen Capture, then edit your footage for demos or informational videos. Create stunning slideshows that combine video, music, voiceover, special effects, transitions and custom graphics.

8. Additional formats supported

Enjoy more compatibility with import support for MKV files, which act as multimedia containers that can hold video, audio and subtitles in one file. New MOV (H.264 format) support expands VideoStudio’s export options, which also include AVI, MPEG-2. QuickTime, WebM, Windows Media Format, HTML5 and more.

9. Create video for the web, DVD, AVCHD™ and mobile devices

Capture and edit the perfect online video for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Flickr. Share anywhere with the ability to create videos for the web, desktop, DVD and mobile devices. Batch convert video to today’s most popular formats. Save AVCHD 2.0 files to an SD card or output your 3D files to MVC format for instant viewing on compatible devices. No matter which screen you’re editing for, VideoStudio Pro X8 has you covered!

10. Learning resources

VideoStudio Pro X8 makes it possible for anyone to create videos, and we’re here to help! We offer a wide range of fast and easy learning resources–search the Help menu, watch a training video in the Discovery Center, or download the User Guide (PDF).


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