Backing up projects using Smart Package in Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

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What you will learn:

•What is Smart Package
•Accessing Smart Package
•Using Smart Package
•Compressing a Smart Package project

What is Smart Package?

Smart Package lets people who use more than one PC or collaborate with other video enthusiasts to easily transport work from one system to another. Smart Package collects all video, photo, and audio files used in a project into one folder so users can edit their VideoStudio Pro X4 work on any system. This feature is especially helpful for organizing projects that use media located in many different folders and locations on your computer.

Smart Package creates a folder or zip file that contains all of your project components — video clips, images, and music files — that you can back up to a portable hard drive or use on another computer that has VideoStudio Pro X4 installed.

Note: Projects are not backward compatible. Projects made in VideoStudio Pro X4 cannot be opened in an earlier version. However, projects created in made in VideoStudio Pro X2 or X3 will open in VideoStudio Pro X4.

Accessing Smart Package

1. Click File menu  Smart Package.
2. If prompted, click Yes to save your project.

The Smart Package dialog box appears.


Using Smart Package

First, choose whether to pack your project files to a folder or to zip them into a single compressed zip file, which helps if you’re low on hard drive space.

Next, choose where to store your project folder or zip file by clicking the button to the right of the Folder path box and selecting a location.

Name the Smart Package folder or zip file.
Name the project file.

The bottom of the Smart Package dialog box displays information such as the number of files in the project, how much disk space is necessary to save it, and the version of VideoStudio used to create the project.



Compressing a Smart Package project If you select the Zip file option, the Zip project package dialog box appears. Here, you can choose compression options that either make your file more compatible with other compression tools or use the best compression settings for the files in your project by clicking Change Compression.


Legacy Compression creates the most compatible zip file. Best method for each file type optimizes the compression process to produce the smallest project size. Let me choose the specific compression method is great for advanced users who want to use specific compression types.


In the Zip project package dialog box, you can split a Smart Package project into multiple files. This is especially handy if you have an extremely large project that needs to be transferred to another location via CD, DVD or hard drive. The size options are based on common file transfer devices such as a CD, DVD, or hard drive. You can even specify a custom size. When the split-file size is reached, VideoStudio Pro X4 automatically starts creating a new zip file.


If your project contains sensitive data, you can encrypt your zip file to control who has access to your project by checking the Encrypt add files option box and choosing a password and encryption method. Note: There’s no way to retrieve a lost password.


Click OK to start the packaging. You’ll be notified when the process is complete.


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