VideoStudio Pro X7 Trial Launch Issue showing blank window

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After installing the trial of VideoStudio Pro X7, the program will not launch properly due to a blank white window appearing.


Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

To resolve this issue follow these steps:
1. First we will need to open up a run prompt in Windows.  Simply hold down the Windows Key on      your keyboard and then at the same time press the letter "R" on your keyboard.
2. Once the run prompt is displayed type %appdata% and then click on "OK".
3. Locate and open the Corel folder
4. Rename the Messages folder.  Right click on the messages folder and select rename to rename the folder. 
    For example: rename to OldMessages.
5. Launch the trial of VideoStudio Pro X7.

The software should launch without any problems. 

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