How to use an overlay in VideoStudio

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To use an overlay simply add the .PNG overlay file to your project like you would any other file.


Here we’re going to use the Baseball overlay. Once it is in your library, just drag in into the timeline beneath your video clip.


In the preview window you should now see your overlay.


Grab hold of the yellow nodes and resize and reposition your overlay.


Now double click in the preview window to open a text box.


This is how we will populate our overlay with all of the relevant information. Here we’ve added one of the team names.

Adjust the text size and position until you are satisfied.

Alternatively, the overlay can be filled in using PaintShop Pro. Simply open the overlay and edit it like a normal image, but make sure to save it as .PNG to preserve the transparency. Editing in PaintShop Pro can be handy for additional effects, however for places where the information will change frequently, it is much easier to make changes directly in VideoStudio.

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