Corel® VideoStudio® Ultimate 2020: Top Reasons to Upgrade

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1. NEW Highlight Reel

We all collect photos and videos with great intentions of making videos, happens. Creating quick videos showing off the highlights of your latest adventure just got a whole lot easier with VideoStudio’s new smart movie creator—Highlight Reel. Simply import your photos/videos and Highlight Reel will analyze and extract the best parts and compile them together for you, following the beat of the music. You can always dive in deeper and customize your highlight video, pre-select your music track and media, or make further edits on the VideoStudio timeline! Creating videos to share your everyday moments just got easier. Now you can truly Live Life and Make Movies in a snap with VideoStudio’s Highlight Reel.


2. NEW Creative Content Library

VideoStudio 2020 enters a new era with a complete overhaul of the included creative content. Users can access a wide selection of new, modern media, to kickstart and embellish video projects. VideoStudio 2020 is loaded with new titles, video backgrounds, textures, animated graphics, LUT profiles, sound effects, and so much more. It doesn’t end there! We’ve updated the library structure to make it easier for users to find the material they need to take their project to the next creative level. Users get more of the drag and drop creative media they want, in a more accessible and usable way.



3. ENHANCED Painting Creator

Create custom graphic overlays with the wide selection of brushes and empower your inner artist with the enhanced Painting Creator. This tool records your brush strokes as you work, enabling you to add your completed piece to your video as a static graphic, or as a live painting! Work smarter by importing a reference graphic to the background to paint over—only your own masterpiece is recorded and added to your project! Your recorded paint brush strokes are a great way to add unique motion graphics or lower thirds, enhance an introduction sequence, or create a background for your video. Empower your inner artist to get creative in your next video project using the more intuitive, more powerful, Painting Creator.

4. NEW Video Editing Flexibility and Enhancements

VideoStudio 2020 empowers you to work smarter with new tools to streamline your editing workflow. Both new and seasoned users will love the flexibility and customization built into this release. With more creative possibilities, it’s fun to explore blending options and apply up to 10 filters to a single clip! Looking to edit the effects, color corrections, or motions added to your clip? Quickly access and edits these effects and dive right into the editor of each feature with new shortcut tools right from the timeline. Done editing? It keeps getting easier. We’re setting your projects default export parameters to match the project properties of your timeline automatically, making it easier and quicker for you to export your videos. These enhancements keep your editing process moving smoothly.



5. ENHANCED Color Grading and Blending Effects
Our users are surprised at the powerful Color Grading tools VideoStudio Ultimate includes. This release strengthens the toolkit, making it possible to perfect the color profile of your footage like never before. Utilize new Color Wheel Color Grading controls to assign a hue to areas of your video. Quickly shift the color scheme of your entire video towards the selected color, or make select adjustments across the Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows within your footage to transform items in your video . Plus, explore new blending options to combine layered tracks more creatively than ever before!



6. ENHANCED Mask Creator
Video Masks are a revolutionary addition to your video editing toolkit, designed for everything from basic fixes to creative enhancements. VideoStudio 2020 adds more creative possibilities to the Mask Creator with new shape options and improvements to the quality of mask edges and outputs. Create custom, still, or motion masks and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish in VideoStudio. 



7. ENHANCED Premium Effects, Exclusive to Ultimate
Access the expanded collection of industry-leading premium effects from NewBlueFX, ProDAD, and Boris that set VideoStudio Ultimate apart. Enhance, correct, stabilize, stylize, or completely transform your footage. VideoStudio 2020 Ultimate steps up its game with new presets, more accurate rendering, and improvements to texture, gradient, and reflection quality from Boris. Additionally, access new title templates from NewBlue to take your titles to the next level. VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 is packed with even more of the filters and engaging extras you need to take your video to new creative heights!


 8. NEW support for 4K displays



VideoStudio 2020 upgrades the user experience with added compatibility for Ultra HD displays. Users working on a high resolution monitor (such as a 4K monitor) will notice significant improvements to their editing experience on an interface that is just as crisp as their finished projects. Improved video masking, title rendering, and new creative content contribute to this quality-driven editing interface experience.

9. ENHANCED Performance

Edit more smoothly and render more quickly with VideoStudio 2020! VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and nVidia, which improves efficiencies and dramatically speeds up rendering to popular file formats. Plus, enjoy faster and smoother 4K editing and playback with innovative Smart Proxy technology. Original high resolution files are preserved for export, but VideoStudio enables you to work with smaller files to improve speed and performance.

10. Unlock the full VideoStudio experience

You spoke and we listened! So, it should come as no surprise that the features you know and love are even better, making it more fun and a whole lot easier to edit your footage. Explore your videos full potential with VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 and access all the powerful under-the-hood features you need to take your videos to new creative heights.


Don’t limit the creative possibilities when turning your everyday adventures into videos to share and enjoy. For only a few dollars more than VideoStudio Pro, VideoStudio Ultimate delivers access to hundreds of premium effects, and to the complete VideoStudio toolkit, including powerful tools like Video Masking, Color Grading, and premium effects. Only VideoStudio Ultimate offers you the full editing experience you deserve to live freely, create confidently, and achieve surprising results.

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