VideoStudio 2018 - How to install NewBlue products

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After installing NewBlue products, each category are not listed within the program

Below you will find the steps to solve this issue:

1. Download this file

2. Unzip the files to someplace where you can access the unzipped files like your Windows desktop

3. Select all of the files and folders in the unzipped folder. (click on the top folder then hold down shift and click on the last line in the folder)


4. Next press Ctrl and the letter C at the same time OR right click the highlighted files and select copy.

5. Navigate to this folder   C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel VideoStudio 2018\ and press Ctrl and the letter V at the same time OR right click in the folder and select paste.

6. If you see a message saying that some of the files in the destination have the same name, select 'Replace the files in the destination'

7. This will resolve the issue with all NewBlue plugins installing into VideoStudio 2018. NOTE, you may have to reinstall the NewBlue plugin to have this fix take effect.

8. If you install NewBlue plugin while VideoStudio 2018 is running, you may need to restart VideoStudio to find your New blue plugin in the Effects or Transition menu.




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