Ripple Editing in Corel Video Studio

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Imagine that after hours and hours of painstaking work, you need to cut out a portion of your video.

Even a second or two of video removed from the timeline can offset your entire project, especially if you have music, narration, and overlay tracks. Catastrophe, right? Wrong. Luckily, we have Ripple Editing.

So let’s begin! In this example, I brought in my Big Cats slideshow. We’ve worked on this in other tutorials in this series.  As you can see I have a number of different elements in this project.  There’s titles indicating the species of each cat, background music and a title screen. It’s looking great!

Let’s say I decide my titles appear on the screen need to appear for a shorter amount of time.  If I change the duration from 6 seconds to 3 sections, all the titles indicating the names of the cats will end up being off by 3 seconds. (as shown below)

To move all these titles is huge waste of my time so let's give Ripple Editing a try.

I’m going to start by heading off to the left side of the screen beside the timeline video track. I click on the Lock icon.  This will activate ripple editing.

Here, you can indicate which tracks you want to be locked.  Since I have overlay tracks, background music and a title in this video, I’ll lock those tracks in the timeline.


Now if I reduce the length of the title and background from 6 seconds to 3 seconds and, all the cat names and the music track have automatically moved over.

Thanks to Ripple Editing, altering this project took no time at all!  

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