How to add titles in Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 lets you create professional-looking titles, complete with special effects, in minutes. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the text in your video production (i.e., subtitles, opening and closing credits, etc.) adds to the clarity of your movie.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 allows you to add text either in multiple text boxes or in a single text box. Using multiple text boxes gives you the flexibility to position the different words of your text anywhere on the video frame and allows you to arrange the stacking order of the text. A single text box works well when you are creating opening titles and end credits for your projects.

To add multiple titles directly on the Preview Window

  1. Click Title in the Library Panel.
  2. Double-click the Preview Window.
  3. In the Edit tab, select Multiple titles.
  4. Use the buttons in the Navigation Panel to scan your movie and select the frame where you want to add the title.
  5. Double-click the Preview Window and type in your text.
  6. Click outside the text box when you are done typing. To add another set of text, double-click again on the Preview Window. You can also add a preset title from the Library and modify the text on the Preview Window by dragging a preset title thumbnail from the Library to the Title Track, and modifying the text on the Preview Window.

Note: Title clips can be placed on Title, Video, and any of the 20 overlay tracks, in the Timeline. Also, you can add multiple titles and modify the attributes of each title.

To add a preset title to your project

  1. Click Title in the Library Panel.
  2. Drag and drop the preset text onto the Title Track.

Note: You can modify a preset title by double-clicking it on the preview Window and entering new text. Open the Options Panel to edit the title attributes.

Saving your titles to My Favorites in the Library

If you still intend to use the title you have created for other projects, it is recommended that you save it to My Favorites in the Library. You can drag a title to the Library to save it or right-click the title clip in the Timeline and click Add to My Favorites.

The Title Safe Area

It is recommended to keep your text within the title safe area. The title safe area is the rectangular white outline on the Preview Window. Keeping the text within the bounds of the title safe area will make sure the title does not get cut off at the edges.

To show or hide the title safe area:

  1. Click Settings > Preferences.
  2. Under the General tab, click Display title safe area on Preview Window.

Editing titles

To edit titles:

  1. Select the title clip on the Title Track and click the Preview Window to enable title editing.
  2. Modify the properties of the title clip by using the different options in the Edit and Attribute tabs of the Options Panel.

To adjust the duration of title clips, do one of the following:

  1. Drag the handles of the clip
  2. Enter a Duration value in the Edit tab.

Note: To see how the title appears on the underlying video clip, select the title clip and then click Play Trimmed Clip or drag the Scrubber.

Modifying text attributes

Modify the attributes of your text, such as font face, style, size, and more, by using the available settings in the Edit tab of the Title Library. Click Title in the Library then go to the Edit tab to apply options available for modifying text attributes.More options allow you to set the style and alignment, apply Border, Shadow and Transparency. You can also add a Text backdrop. A text backdrop superimposes your text on an ellipse, rounded rectangle, curve-edged rectangle and a rectangle color bar.

Note: You can apply preset styles to your title by clicking the Title Style Preset button.

To add a text backdrop

  1. Click the Customize text backdrop attributes button to open the Text Backdrop dialog box.
  2. Choose a solid background bar or shapes that fit with text.
  3. Choose the color of your backdrop. Use a solid or gradient color and set the transparency

To modify text border, transparency, and add shadows

Click the Border/Shadow/Transparency button in the Options Panel and set attributes using the Border/Shadow/Transparency dialog box.

To rotate text in the Preview Window

  1. Select a text to display the yellow and purple handles in the Preview Window.
  2. Click and drag a purple handle to the position you want.

Note: You can also rotate text using the Options Panel. In the Edit tab, specify a value in Rotate by degree to apply a more precise angle of rotation.

Applying animation

Apply motion to your text using title animation tools, such as Fade, Moving Path, and Drop.

To apply animation to the current text

  1. In the Attribute tab, select Animation and Apply.
  2. Select the animation category from the Type drop-down list and select the specific preset animation from the box under Type.
  3. Click the Customize animation attributes button to open a dialog box where you can specify animation attributes.
  4. In some animation effects, you can drag the Pause duration handles to specify how long the text will pause after it enters and before it exits the screen

Applying title effects

Apply filters to your text using preset Title Effects such as Bubble, Mosaic, and Ripple. The title filters are in a separate Title Effects category.

To apply title filters to the current text

  1. Click Filter and choose Title Effects in the Gallery drop-down menu. The Library displays the thumbnails of various filters under the Title Effects category.
  2. Select the clip in the Timeline then choose the title filter from thumbnails shown in the Library.
  3. Drag and drop the title filter onto your clip in the Title Track. Note: By default, the filter applied to a clip is always replaced with the new filter dragged onto the clip. In the Attribute tab of the Options Panel, clear Replace last filter to apply multiple filters to a single title.
  4. Click Customize Filter in the Attribute tab of the Options Panel to customize the attributes of the title filter. Available options depend on the selected filter.
  5. Preview how your clip looks with the video filter applied to it using the Navigator.

Note: When there is more than one title filter applied to a clip, you can change the order of filters by clicking the UP arrow or DOWN arrow. Changing the order of the title filters will have different effects on your clip.


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