Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 Speed Demo Ski Trip

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 Speed Demo – Ski trip

See NEW Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 in action. Watch some of the full-power video editing features being put through their paces as we experiment with footage from a ski trip. Be inspired to try some video projects for yourself.

Be inspired!

Look what you can do with Corel VideoStudio Pro X3:

Stop Motion Video (VSX3)

Blurring the lines between photo & video. UK photographer Paul Treacy has his roots in traditional photography but is finding new ways to combine photos and video into exciting creative projects. Find out how to do it...

Innovative use of Corel VideoStudio: Skyhigh video resume

Ken doesn't spend his days behind a desk, far from it! He works on the external maintenance of some of North America's most well known landmarks. A written CV just didn't seem to do justice to Ken's work history or passion for his job so, he combined photo and video using Corel VideoStudio to made a video resume which charts his dizzying experience.

Ken writes, "I went from a state of complete ignorance to being proficient enough to create the project I submitted as my 21st century resume. If a person like me, a person with no computer background, can get their head around Corel VideoStudio, then that should be testimony in itself as to how easy it is to learn and how accessible it is for the average person. I do not have enough positive words to convey how effective the pairing up between VideoStudio and YouTube is. I think the best testimony comes not in words...but in reality."


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