How to replace media clips on the timeline of Corel VideoStudio Pro

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Replacing media clips

Media clips in the Timeline can be replaced intheir current position. Whenyou replace a clip, the attributes of the original clip are applied to the newclip.

To replace a clip

  1. In the Timeline, right-click the media clips you want to replace.
  2. Choose Replace clip from the right-click menu. The Replace/Relink clip dialog box appears.
  3. Browse for the replacement media clips and click Open. The clip in the Timeline is automatically replaced.

The duration of the replacement clip must be equal to or longer than the duration of the original clip.Hold [Shift Shift] and click multiple clips to select two or more clips in the Timeline and repeat the process for replacing multiple clips. The number of replacement clips must match the number of clips that you selected in the Timeline.

You can also drag a video clip from the Library to the Timeline andhold the [Ctrl Ctrl] key to automatically snap on a clip to be replaced.

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