Load from stream error in Corel® VideoStudio Pro

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Error Message
Load from stream error

When launching VideoStudio Pro, a "Load From Stream"error will pop up on the screen, preventing the application from loading.  This is due to corruption of the file library for VideoStudio Pro.


  1. Make sure that Corel® VideoStudio is closed
  2. Open the Run command box (press and hold down the Windows and buttons on the keyboard)
  3. Type the following:  appdata
  4. Press the OK button
  5. Open the Roaming Folder
  6. Open the Ulead Systems folder
  7. Rename the Corel VideoStudio Pro folder to Corel VideoStudio Pro_old

By renaming this folder, once VideoStudio Pro is launched, a new Corel VideoStudio Pro folder will be generated with the new database information.  At that point, the Load from stream error message will cease to appear.  Unfortunately, this will remove all contents from within the Library folders within VideoStudio Pro.   Meaning, any video, image or audio thumbnails that were imported, as well as any folders that were created, will no longer be viewable upon the re-launch.  That is why it is highly recommended that the Library folders are constantly backed up or exported to a folder within Windows.  For information on how to backup or export the VideoStudio Pro library, please click on the following link:

How to back up Library Media in Corel® VideoStudio Pro

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