Final Disc or Video File shows proDAD Mercalli analysis message

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In some cases a finalized product (either a video file or disc) will show this message in the finalized product after adding the Mercalli 2.0 stabilizer plugin to the project:

Video effect proDAD Mercalli:

The video analysis must be executed again.

To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Add your video to the timeline
  2. Apply the proDAD Mercalli filter to the project
  3. Click on the Share Tab
  4. Select Create Video File from the options
  5. Click on Custom
  6. Change the Save as type selection to MPEG Transport Stream Files (*.m2t)
  7. Click on the Options button
  8. Click on the General Tab
  9. Change the Frame rate to 29.97 frames/second
  10. Change the frame size to your desired dimension
  11. Optional: Click on Compression Tab and drag the slider to the right to adjust for quality
  12. Click OK
  13. Name your File
  14. Choose a location for your File (recommended Desktop for easy retrieval)
  15. Click OK
  16. Click Save
  17. Next, click File and then New
  18. Your newly created file will now be in your library section along with the other media thumbnails in VideoStudio Pro
  19. If it cannot be found in your Library, please click on File > Insert Media to Timeline > Insert Video
  20. Locate your new video within Windows
  21. Highlight the file and click the Open button
  22. Lastly, click on Share and select whether you will be creating a standard Video File or Disc creation

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