Cannot Initialize Application. Unable to load library. 15122:0:0 15034:1:14 Error in VideoStudio Pro X5

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Click on the Start Menu and type in the following on the search field (on Windows Vista/7) or Run command (on Windows XP):




Go to Ulead Systems folder >> Corel VideoStudio Pro folder, right-click on 15.0folder and select "Properties".


In the "15.0 Properties" window, uncheck "read-only attribute".


Click on Apply and select "Apply changes to this folder, sub-folders, and files".


Click on OK twice when done.


Launch Corel VideoStudio Pro X5.


If the problem persists, go back to %appdata% >> Ulead Systems folder >> Corel VideoStudio Pro folder, and delete 15.0 folder.

NOTE: Deleting the "15.0" folder will reset your VideoStudio Library to factory settings and all your custom VideoStudio libraries will be lost.


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