VideoStudio: How to play or view 3D videos on 3D TV?

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These are the steps on how to view or play the 3D video that you created on Videostudio Pro X4 on your 3D TV.

1. Copy 3D videos to a USB flash drives or copy to disc (data burn), connect the USB or insert disc into the 3D TV.

2. Set all 3D preview settings (3D preview settings vary in different brands). Operate with anaglyph or polarized glasses which depends on your 3D video type.

3. 3D preview settings example (Sony HX-800 3D TV):
a) Press “3D Mode” on the remote controller to turn on 3D mode
b) Press “Options” to open the category
c) Enter “3D Menu”
d) Enter “3D Format”
e) Select “Side-by-side”
f) Play the 3D videos which storage in flash drives or data DVD

Note: Steps provided above will vary on the brand of your 3D TV, you may need to refer to the user's manual of your 3D TV for more information.


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