How to find the best music for your video

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Adding music helps set the mood to your videos. This can give extra emotion to the person watching your video presentation.

There are 3 ways on how to find the best music for your video.


1. You can download the “Bonus Content” in the Corel guide for Corel VideoStudio X7

a. Open Corel VideoStudio X7.
b. In the Edit tab, click on the Corel Guide button.
Click on the Templates tab and download the Bonus Content.
d. Once you finished the download, the Bonus content folder will be added to the VideoStudio Library located in your Documents folder.
e. The Bonus Content folder contains Audio, Image, and Video.
f. Go back to Corel VideoStudio X7 and import the Audio Bonus Content. In the Edit tab, simply click the Import Media File button.
g. Locate the Bonus Content folder in your Documents.
h. Once you find the audio file you want to import, just click on Open and it will now be added in your music library.

2. Another way of looking for the best music for your video is with the use of the SmartSound feature in Corel VideoStudio X7.


a. While editing your video, click on the Auto Music option. Note that a window might pop-up. This will ask you to install the updates so that you can get the latest updates of the software, this will include new music that will can be imported. Please proceed to the update check and install the necessary updates.
b. Once you are done with the updates. Click on the Auto Music button.
c. In the Auto Music menu, you can now choose what kind of music you want to add in your video. Note that all selections that includes an asterisk (*) means that you have to purchase that music first before using it.

3. The last option for to find the best music for your video is by using the Music Composition Service by Corel.

a. You can purchase the service by going to this link:
b. Select the genre and mood of the music that you are looking for.
c. After purchasing, our in-house musician will compose the music for you. The music provided will be one minute in length and can be played in a loop if needed. It is encoded in high quality mp3.
d. You will receive the audio file via email. Once you are okay with the music, you can now import it to Corel VideoStudio X7 and use it in your videos.


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