Corel® VideoStudio® Ultimate X10 Top Reasons to Upgrade

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  1. New! Mask Creator

Put the focus on key elements in your video with the new Mask Creator. Define the area to highlight with brush and shape tools and the powerful VideoStudio Ultimate X10 engine will detect the movement of the object.  You can fine-tune your mask to get perfection. When you are happy with the results, the mask gets added to the timeline. Apply popular effects to accent or cover the object or the background, for example add blurring, a grayscale effect, boost color and more, for a truly unique effect.


  1. New! Time Remapping

Evoke drama by playing with speed. The new Time Remapping controls in VideoStudio Ultimate X10 make it easy to add impact with slow motion, speed things up, temporarily freeze the action, or even reverse and replay scenes. New Time Remapping controls puts all these controls in one place, so you can adjust speed without having to edit multiple movie clips and jump between windows.


  1. New! Track Transparency

Let the best moments of your videos shine through with Track Transparency controls. New in VideoStudio Ultimate X10, these controls make it easier than ever to layer clips and adjust the opacity of your track to show multiple clips at once. Easily control transparency of each track directly from within the Timeline to let your best moments break through.


  1. New! 360° Video Support

Show your best angle with 360° video. VideoStudio Ultimate X10 introduces controls to convert your 360° video to standard video for playback on TVs and standard video players. Add your video to the Timeline and show your audience the exact point of view you want them to see. Then export it and playback as any standard movie.


  1. New Effects! Exclusive Ultimate Effects Collection

With over 2,000 filters, effects, animated titles and transitions, VideoStudio Ultimate X10 unleashes your creativity. Plus, only Ultimate includes a bonus collection of premium effects loaded with 14 effects packs, including 3 new to this release. Create beautiful titles with ease using drag-and-drop visual effects and exciting 2D/3D elements in NewBlue Titler Pro 1. Choose from more than 300 new amazing particle and object effects in proDAD Adorage Effects Package Volume 9 – Particle & Object Effects. Try Boris Title Studio to create stylized 2D or 3D titles with custom bevels, fills and styles and high-quality motion graphics.


  1. New! 100+ MyDVD templates

Once your video is complete, give it the packaging it deserves. Burn your projects to disc with VideoStudio MyDVD and quickly create high-quality, personalized DVDs with menus, chapters and music. Now with 100+ themed templates to choose from, MyDVD makes it easy to find the style that best fits your project. Tailor templates with custom background images, music and titles. Then quickly burn to DVD and AVCHD disc to share with family and friends. 

  1. New! Group and Ungroup Clips

Timeline editing is more powerful and efficient than ever with new grouping capabilities. Select your clips, then group or ungroup them just by right-clicking. Once clips are grouped, it’s easier than ever to move them along the Timeline seamlessly, or apply filters and effects just by dragging and dropping.


  1. Enhanced! Music Library

Now it’s a breeze to add custom-fit music tracks to your projects. In VideoStudio Ultimate X10, you can find all of the ScoreFitter tracks in the music library. Choose the track that best suits the mood of your video and it adjusts to the length of your video automatically. 


  1. New! Performance & Support

VideoStudio Ultimate X10 continues to keep pace with the latest formats with expanded support for HEVC (H.265) encode for nVidia and AMD, offering a higher compression rate, better quality and a smaller file size. VideoStudio X10 is optimized for Intel’s 7th generation processor.


  1. New! Integrated Learning & Tutorials

Get help when you need it, right in VideoStudio Ultimate X10, with the new Welcome book that offers instant access to helpful tutorials. Visit the Corel Discovery Center to explore a wide range of helpful and inspirational tutorials for new and advanced users. You can also view the User Guide online and access the Corel Knowledgebase to find answers to frequently asked questions.

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