VideoStudio How to manually reset Corel® VideoStudio to Factory Default Settings

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Resetting VideoStudio to default settings requires renaming or removing a specific folder under the User Profile and the Windows Registry. This process resets the program library, so re-importing your videos, images or music files may be necessary afterwards.

Before performing this procedure, please ensure that Corel® VideoStudio is not running.

Windows Registry

NOTE: Be sure once entering, to click File> Export> And save a copy of your registry before continuing. Be also sure that the Export Range on the bottom left, is set to All before you press save.

1) On your keyboard, hold the Windows Key down and tap the letter R
2) In the run box that appears, type in: regedit and press enter
NOTE: To drill down to the necessary locations, simply double-click on each heading to expanding the list

3) Navigate to the following locations and rename the keys specified with OLD at the end:



HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ulead Systems


Windows File Explorer

1. On the keyboard, launch the Run box by pressing the Windows button then the letter R (Windows + R)

2. In the Open box, type %APPDATA% and press the enter key.

3. In the new window, find the Ulead Systems folder.

4. Right-Click the Ulead Systems folder.

5. Choose Rename

6. Rename the folder to Ulead Systems_Old

7. Press Enter to commit the change

Once the folder has been renamed, VideoStudio will now reset to its factory default settings when the program is launched.


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