Disable Pop-up Notifications in VideoStudio

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You may receive pop-ups from VideoStudio informing you about some new products or discounts. In order to disable these pop-ups, please adjust the VideoStudio notification preferences by performing the following steps:

1. Launch VideoStudio.
2. Click Help > Message Preferences.

​3. Set Receive updates/offers as tray notifications to Do not show me tray message from this application and click OK.


If the messages do persist, please perform the following additional steps:

1. Open Windows Scheduler: in Windows, press CMD+R to open Windows Run menu, paste the following command:


and hit return.

2. Windows Scheduler will open. On the left-hand panel, locate and click Task Scheduler Library.

3. Locate CorelUpdateHelperTask, right-click > Delete (or Disable).

4. Locate CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore, right-click > Delete (or Disable).

If all of the above does not resolve the issue, please contact Corel Support Services


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