How to adjust the 15 minute limit duration when uploading a video on YouTube in VideoStudio Pro X5

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When uploading more than 15 minutes of video project in VideoStudio Pro X5, there is an error message that limits the upload on Youtube to a 15-minute duration, informing you that the project would be trimmed. This is because Youtube limits most accounts to uploading videos of a maximum of 15 minutes in length.

To change this setting':'

  1. Close VideoStudio Pro X5.
  2. Go to Start menu and type the following in the search field (Run command on Windows XP): %programfiles%
  3. Hit the enter key to launch the Program Files directory.
  4. In the Program Files directory, go to: Corel\Corel VideoStudio Pro X5or Corel\Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X5
  5. In the Corel VideoStudio folder, go to this folder: Ulead.dat
  6. In the Ulead.dat folder, open the YouTube.ini file with Notepad.

Notice the first few lines in this file:



0 = localize by application

; 1 = localize by system default language ID


 ; 2 = localize by user default language ID




The default value of MAX_LIMIT_FILE_DURATION_MIN is set to 15. This value is in Minutes. Change the value to your desired Maximum Video Duration.

Save the YouTube.ini file and re-launch VideoStudio Pro X5.


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