How to separate a project into two parts in Video Studio Pro X4 and X5

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How To Separate a project into 2 Parts when using Video Studio Pro X4

Very large video projects sometimes will not fit on a single standard 4.7Gig DVD; in these cases a project can be split into two parts so as to burn onto 2 DVD's. If your project uses a large amount of editing effects and the source files are moved, relinking the editing can be a nuisance. So as to make sure that none of the editing is lost and that the video splits in half perfectly, you can do the following:

Combine your project intoa singlehigh quality video file which will be easy to work with:

  1. Open your project in video studio and choose the "Share" option.
  2. Choose "Create Video File"
  3. Choose "Custom"
  4. "Mpeg" appears in Custom by default, but you will need to make the the quality is as high as possible before splitting the video, so click on "Options"
  5. Click on the "Compression" tab
  6. Drag the quality gauge to 100%
  7. Cick "OK"
  8. Give the file a name and click "Save"
  9. Wait for the entire project to render into the video file before doing anything else with the system to avoid errors or corruption in the final file.

When the video file is complete, open a NEW project:

  1. Import the new video file that contains the old project into your new project
  2. Make sure that you are in the timeline view
  3. Make a CUTin the video, peferably as close to 50% as possible
  4. Choose "File" - "Save_AS"and name your new project "projectname_part2"
  5. Choose "File" - "Save_AS"and name your new project "projectname_part1"
  6. Click on the second half of your video and delete that half and click Save; now projectname_part1 is saved with only the first half of your video.
  7. Open projectname_part2.
  8. Delete the first half of the video file and then drag the second half to the beginning of the timeline
  9. Click Save; now projectname_part2 is saved with only the second half of your video.

At this point you now have two projects each containing half of the original project. Each one can be used separately to burn copies of "disc 1"and copies of "disc 2" accordingly.

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