Cannot press the Next button When Creating Disc

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This occurs in the first two steps of VideoStudios Create Disc menus, or in DVD MovieFactory.

  1. If the Next button is grayed out in Step 1 ("Select Source and Import"), make sure that one has more then one clip in the timeline at the bottom, and that the checkbox "Use First Clip as Introductory Video" is unchecked. An introductory video is the video that is placed before the discs menu comes up. If you have an introductory video, the process will not let you continue if you only have one clip because there would be no clips appearing after the menu.
  2. If on Step 2 ("Select a Template to Create Menu") clicking on the Next button does not work, but no error message appears, the issue may be related to having installed a trial version of VideoStudio or DVD MovieFactory over a purchased version of the program. These programs use the same common shared CD/DVD burning engine and will occasionally replace pre-existing versions. If the trial runs out, one may see symptoms involving the next bottom.

To resolve this issue, we recommend the clean uninstallation of both the trial and full programs that are involved.

Note: If a stop at step 2 occurs in conjunction with the preview window not playing back, this can be caused be a missing or damaged DirectX component. At this point, it would be recommended to update your Microsoft DirectX by clickingand then search for the latest DirectX redistributable version.


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