Pioneer WinDVD SE Troubleshooting

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How to Update WinDVD

You will need to download the update for WinDVD SE:

  1. Click [here] to download the Update, save the file to your Desktop
  2. Once the file is downloaded launch the update by double clicking on the file, ***If you are using Vista you will need to right click on the icon and then select Run As Administrator***
  3. Follow the Install Wizard instructions and then click on the Finish button once the setup is complete.

You can also download the update from the Pioneer Web Site by clicking this This upgrade patch cant apply to your version of WinDVD. Setup will now abort...This means that you are already up to date or you have a different version of WinDVD installed.

How to check your version number:

  1. Launch WinDVD SE
  2. Right Click on the WinDVD SE screen, you should then see a drop down menu appear.
  3. Select Setup
  4. Click on the Information Tab, and on this screen you will be able to see the version number.

WinDVD hangs when trying to update the AACS key

Please follow the steps below:

Windows Vista

  1. Clear cookies and internet temporary files in Internet Explorer 8, Click Here for help clearing your Internet Explorer 8 cookies and Internet temporary files
  2. Turn off UAC ("Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts -> Turn User Account Control on or off")
  3. Reboot machine
  4. Play BD again and then start the operations of updating AACS key.
  5. Turn on UAC
  6. Reboot Machine

Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7

If you receive an "R" followed by a number error message, please contact [Corel's Customer Service] in your country.

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