WinDVD 5 Activation Instructions

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In order to get your WinDVD 5 activation information, please take the following steps.

Before you begin, please close all other applications.


  1. You will need to retrieve your activation information from "Your Account" on . You may need to choose your region, then click "Go". At the top right hand side of the Corel home page, click on 'Sign In.'
  2. Use the following information to sign in; please note these are also the first two fields of your WinDVD 5 Activation.( Login: Your email Password: Your Corel account Password.)
  3. Under "Your Account", click on 'View your Products.' Click on 'Get Serial' to the right hand side of WinDVD 5. This will contain the key and last 4 digits of the serial you need to install your software.
  4. Open the WinDVD 5 if you have not already done so. Once WinDVD 5 has opened on your screen, right click anywhere inside the WinDVD 5 window and select Activate Now.
  5. On the page that appears, you will have the ability to enter the four pieces of information that we have gathered. You can copy the e-mail address, serial number and last 4 digits of the credit card used directly off of the "get serial" page we have opened. Simply press the "select" button on the "get serial" page, then right click on the highlighted entry and choose copy. You can then enter that information into the appropriate box on the WinDVD 5 Activation page.
  6. Repeat this for all three pieces of information provided, then manually enter the password you used to log on to the Corel Account.
  7. You are now ready to submit the information to complete your activation!


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