Most common DVD copy errors with MovieFactory

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When trying to copy a DVD and choosing a source, one may get the error that says "DVD disc with CSS protected" or "Not a valid DVD Volume"

Copy Protected DVDs

The error message "DVD disc with CSS protected" will most often occur when a copy protected DVD is used as a Source to copy from. Corel programs cannot duplicate or reconvert copy protected DVDs. Please see the following article for more information:

Regular Video DVDs

However, if the DVD is not copy protected, it may be a sign that the DVD is corrupted/damaged or created in a non standard format. DVDs created from Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are a good example of sources that may be create unsupported content.

It may be possible to recover and work with videos from these DVDs.

  1. Instead of attempting to Import from the DVD drive, one can click on "Import Folder", open up the Drive that contains the source DVD, and left click on the folder named "VIDEO_TS" and hit Okay. If there is no mention that there is no error message, one does not have to continue on to step two. Supported DVDs contain a folder named "VIDEO_TS". Any DVD that does not contain a "VIDEO_TS" folder is not a true Video DVD that can be converted normally with either of the steps listed here.
  2. The second option requires a portion of the DVD to be copied to the hard drive. Copying the "VIDEO_TS" folder to your hard drive will allow us to work with the video files. One will not be able to use this method with copy protected DVDs.

Within the copied "VIDEO_TS" folders will be a series of VOB files which are the Video OBject files, for example VTS_01_1.VOB. It is possible that the we may not see the extension VOB on any files.

Once we see the file extension .VOB on the files, we can right click on those files and rename them so that instead they end with the extension .MPG"

With that done, we can import the files by adding them as if they were regular video files.. This method works because the VOB files used with DVDs are specialized MPEG2 files that we are compatible with.

If there are further errors trying to work with the newly named .MPG files, at least several of the videos themselves are corrupt and unusable.

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