Error 1935 when installing Photo Album.

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We have heard reports of the following error from users when trying to install Paint Shop Photo Album.

Error 1935 an error occurred during installation.
Microsoft.msxml2r, public key token = "6bd 6b9 abf345378F", version ="", type = " win32", processor Architecture= "x86""

We have been successful with addressing this issue with users by using one of the two following updates from Microsoft.

Perform the following updates to address this error. ****Make sure to install these updates inDiagnostic Mode****. This is described below.

Visit: to obtain the update for Microsoft’s MSXML service on your computer.
Review the instructions on the web page for information on how to perform the update. NOTE: There are multiple files that can be downloaded for this specific update. Most users will only require the first file, called msxml.msi. Use this file when following the Instructions on the web page.

After performing this update, try installing Paint Shop Photo Album again. If the error persists, then try the following procedure.

Visit: to obtain the update for Microsoft’s Windows Script Host service on your computer.
Review the instructions on the web page for information on how to perform the update.

****To install the above updates in Diagnostic Startup mode, do the following:
1. Close all programs. Make sure you have the updates listed above downloaded to your computer desktop.
2. Go to Start | Run. Type msconfig and click OK. This will launch the System Configuration Utility.
3a. If Selective startup is checked, do the following. Click on Startup Tab and make note of all unchecked items (or if the list of checked items is smaller, make a note of all checked items). After doing this, go to step 4.
3b. If Normal Startup is checked, continue to step 4.
4. Check the Diagnostic Startup Radio Button.
5. Click on the Services Tab
6. Place a Check next to Windows Installer
7. Click Ok.
8. Restart the computer.
9. After restarting in Diagnostic mode, try running the updates that you downloaded.
10. After running the updates, try launching Paint Shop Photo Album.
If the error persists, let us know.

To return your system to Normal or Selective startup, Go back into msconfig (as instructed above). If you had Normal Startup originally checked, check this again and restart. If you had Selective startup checked, Reselect Selective startup and then go to Startup Tab. Re-check the items you had checked (making sure any items that were not checked remain unchecked).
Restart the system.


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