Installation Instruction for XPacks

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PLEASE NOTE: This article is intended only for customers who have purchased an Electronic Software Download (ESD) or purchase key for MP3 XPack, DVD XPack or the MP3 + DVD XPack. 

You will receive an order confirmation email upon completion of your order. Included in this email are an activation key and one or more download links depending on the options selected during the purchase process.

Downloading & Installation XPacks:

Step 1:

Click on the download links from your order confirmation email. This email will have one download link.  Please download the necessary files. When prompted, choose to save the file to your computer. Please make note the name of the folder where the files are being saved. This will begin the download process.

Step 2:

When the download is complete, choose to Run the file if prompted. If not prompted, go to the folder where you saved the files, and double-click on the icon that is created. This will begin the installation process.

Step 3:

Follow the prompts to install the program. When you run the installer, it will ask you to enter your activation key to activate the software.  The activation key can be found on the order confirmation email.  It will also ask you to enter the email address, your Corel account password, and last four digits of the credit card you used to make this purchase.

Note:  If you purchased the product using PayPal, please enter 0000 instead of the last 4 digits of your credit card. 

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