Activation Information for Corel® DESIGNER™ Technical Suite 12

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This document contains information about the Activation procedure for Corel® DESIGNER™ Technical Suite 12.


A product activation feature is included in Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite 12. This feature is evident when the application is initially run, at which point a dialog box asks you whether you want to activate the product now or later. Once the product is successfully activated, the prompt does not appear again. Otherwise, the same product activation prompt appears on each subsequent application launch. You can activate the product online.

Users with dial-up Internet connections encountering problems with online activation should ensure that the Internet connection is active during attempts to activate the product online.

NOTE: After a 30-day preactivation period, you are required to activate the product to be able to use it.

IMPORTANT: Windows 2000/XP users should be logged in as administrators or as users with administrative rights when launching the application for the first time after installation, or when activating the product.

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