Painter / PE 6 For Mac - Issues with resulting brush strokes

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When you use certain brush packs that use the Flow Map feature, you may not see the same results when using the brush as what we present in the store and Welcome Book.
This is because a different Flow Map may be selected on your computer than the Flow Map the brush was intended to be used with. In many cases, the brushes are designed for use with the Fine Dots Flow Map.
For example, the below image shows a brush from a new "Rust and Patina" pack. On the left shows the stroke as the artist intended using the Fine Dots Flow Map, the right shows how it appears with a different Flow Map (Clouds).


To get the intended results, switch the flow map back to Fine Dots.
To do this:
1 . Choose Window > Flow Map Panels > Flow Map Libraries to display the panel.
2 . Click Fine Dots flow map swatch.

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