Painter: How to Save Impasto on Transparency to PhotoShop(PSD)

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Follow the steps outlined below to save Impasto on Transparency to PhotoShop

  1. Create a Layer containing Color and Transparency.
  2. Paint with an Impasto brush on it.
  3. Duplicate the Layer and name it ‘Impasto’. Move it bellow the original.
  4. With the New layer selected, go to menu>effects>Tonal Control> Adjust Colors
    • Reduce the Saturation slider all the way.
    • Increase the Value slider all the way.
    • Click ‘OK’
  5. Create a New Layer underneath the new ‘Impasto’ layer and name it ‘Impasto Grey’.
  6. Using the Paint Bucket tool, fill the ‘Impasto Grey’ layer with Grey (128,128,128).
  7. Highlight both the ‘Impasto’ and ‘Impasto grey’ layers and collapse them together. (ctrl+e or CMD+e)
  8. Set the merge mode on this new layer to ‘Hard light’
  9. Adjust Opacity to taste.
  10. Save as .PSD

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