Corel Painter Tour For Adobe Photoshop Users Part 3

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Frequently Asked Questions from Users of Adobe Photoshop

When I open Photoshop (PSD) files, which elements are preserved and which are lost

or modified?

The following table lets you know what changes to expect when you open a PSD file

in Corel Painter.


Adobe Photoshop element

When the PSD file is opened in Corel Painter

Alpha channels

Alpha channels are preserved.

Blending modes

Most blending modes are preserved as composite methods. If no equivalent composite method exists for a particular blending mode, the blending mode is converted to the Default composite method.


If the file does not use the RGB color model,

you are prompted to convert the file to the

default RGB color profile in Corel Painter. To

avoid this step, you may want to convert your

files to the RGB color model in Photoshop

before opening them in Corel Painter.


Layers and layer masks are preserved.

Layer effects and adjustment layers are not

supported. To preserve the results of using

these elements, you may want to merge or

flatten them in Photoshop before opening

the file in Corel Painter.

Shape layers, layer clipping paths, and

clipping groups are not preserved.

When I save files to the PSD file format, which elements are preserved and which are

lost or modified?

The following table lets you know what changes to expect when you save a file to

the PSD file format


Color Painter Element

When saved to PSD file format


RGB options are available when you save to the

PSD file format.


All layers are converted to standard Photoshop

transparent layers.

All Corel Painter layer composite methods are

converted to Photoshop blend modes. For

information about comparing Corel Painter

composite methods with Photoshop blending

modes, see Saving Files That Contain Layers.


Layer masks are preserved in the PSD file


Shapes are converted to bitmaps and assigned

to appropriate layers


Text is converted to a bitmap and assigned to

the appropriate layer.

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