Painter: How to change language in Painter

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By default, Painter will install in English. If your Region settings are set to your specific native language and you still show English in the program, try the following Steps:


  1. Click start and type in regedit to open the Registry Editor

Locate and left click File in the upper left hand corner of the Registry Editor, then click on Export

Choose the Desktop as the location to save the file in, and name the file "regbackup"

Also ensure that under the Export Range section there is a dot beside All

Click "Save

 Your registry should now be backed up to a file named "regbackup.reg" on your desktop.

  1. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\Painter\14.0

NOTE - the folder which you choose determines the version you are running

13.0 = Painter X3

14.0 = Painter 2015

15.0 = Painter 2016

16.0 = Painter 2017

18.0 = Painter 2018

  1. Right click on the right hand pane New > String Value, type in UILanguage
  2. Double click on the new key and enter the value of the key to be "EN" if you want to switch to German later you would enter in "DE", French "FR" etc..
  3. Launch Painter

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