Adding and Selecting Text in CorelDRAW

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Adding and Selecting Text in CorelDRAW There are two types of text you can add to designs— artistic text and paragraph text. Artistic text can be used to add short lines of text to which you can apply a wide range of effects, such as drop shadows. Paragraph text can be used for larger bodies of text that have greater formatting requirements.


Artistic text (left) and paragraph text (right)

To modify text, you must first select it. You can select entire text objects as you would any other object, or you can select specific characters. To add artistic text, click anywhere in the drawing window by using the Text tool insert , and type.

To add paragraph text, click the Text tool, drag in the drawing window to size the paragraph text frame, and type.

To select an entire text object, click the text by using the Pick tool insert ,.


A bounding box appears around a selected text object.

To select specific characters, drag across the text by using the Text tool.


Selecting part of a text object

For detailed information about working with text, see "Adding and formatting text" in the CorelDRAW Help files.


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