How to create double sided business cards using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

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To create double-sided business cards in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

1. Launch Corel Draw Graphic Suite
2. Click on File
3. Click on New from Template from the File menu
4. Locate the Business Cards template Folder within the New From Template Dialog Box.
5. Select an appropriate file and click on the OK button in the lower right. (Note: ensure 2 pages are listed at the lower left)
6. Enter appropriate changes to reflect the required artwork for the business card.
7. Click on File | Print Preview
8. Click on Imposition Layout Tool located in the vertical toolbar to the left.
9. Click on the Single\Double Sided icon located 3rd in from the right on the horizontal property bar. (Note: bottom left displays Layout Template (Front) and Layout Template(Back) pages.
10. Click on the Card Image labeled 1 to highlight it
11. Click on the Cloned-Auto-ordering icon available on the horizontal property bar.
12. Print Preview display should now display all card images labeled with a 1. (Check Layout Template(Back) page
displays all card images labeled with a 2.
13. Close Print Preview.
14. Click File | Print
15. Click on the Properties button displayed at the upper right on the General tab.
16. Ensure to select Duplex printing
17. Close Print Properties for the selected printer.
18. Click on Print button


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