Error 998 Unable to load Coreldrw.dll

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Unable to load CorelDraw.dll Error Code:998.


The 998 error indicates that a library was not found and it is a Windows error though the exact source of this problem has not been identified I come up with an information related to this issue and make a list of possible solution that can be used if you encounter the same this problem.


The LoadLibrary() API may sometimes encounter an access violation while attempting to map a specified module into the address space of the calling process. In this event, LoadLibrary() returns a value of NULL and GetLastError() 

returns an error code of 998 (ERROR_NOACCESS).




This are all the possible steps that we can try to address the issue.


Solution 1

Repair/Uninstall/Reinstall  the program

Go to Control Panel > programs and features (win7) add/remove (XP).

Click on Corel Draw Graphics Suite, and 

click on the "Uninstall\Change" button. 

In the setup, you will find an option "repair".
Click the radio button in front of it, and proceed, it will repair the existing installation . 

Always remember to restart the computer for changes to take effect.


Solution 2

Clean the registry

Use a registry cleaner, there are several different registry cleaning tools that you can find on the internet if there is 

an advanced mode use it to unistall Coreldraw with cleaning registry

Restart your Computer and install Coreldraw again.


Solution 3

Do a System restore


If the program worked previously do a system restore.
Most of the time there has been an update on your windows so check for previous windows updates as it maybe the one that causes the issue if you don't know which update you can apply system restore to remove previous updates and revert back to a previous date where corel draw is working.


Solution 4

Manually replaced  CorelDrw.dll to make sure the file has not been altered or corrupted

Though we know that the error message is, it cannot load the dll files we cannot take out the possibility that the dll 

files has been altered,damage or corrupted by replacing it we are making sure this is not the cause of the error message.  


You can manually search the folder where the dll file is located in windows xp it is located under


c:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6\Programs\


Copy the dll file and save it on this location.


Attached are the DLL files for Corel Draw X5 and Corel Draw X6


Solution 5

There have been a certain scenario where some of the additional programs for some reason has a cause this issue to occur and by removing this programs it may fix the problem:
Some of the programs found are:  iLivid,  SearchQu / SearchNu Toolbar and  other programs that has been published by Bandoo.

Note: This are some of the work around that has been tested and tried by Corel Draw users that encountered the same issue. I gathered this on different forums and websites. It may or may not fix the problem since it is a case to case basis we have different computers different operating system and different setup Corel is still working to pinpoint the exact cause of this issue.


keyword: error 998; unable to load coreldrw.dll

dll for X5.zipdll for

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