How do I share a file with a client if the client does not have CorelDRAW?

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There are a couple of ways you can share a file. The easiest way to share a file is to use the collaboration tools that were introduced in with a CorelDRAW subscription. The client can use their browser to view the file, comment, and annotate. You will receive notifications when they do so that you can respond with changes or comments back all in one place.  

First, open the Comments docker (Window > Dockers > Comments). Click on the Save and Share icon in the top right corner of the docker. 


In the Save to Corel Cloud window, click the Save and Share button. This launches in a browser. In the Share File window, you can copy the file URL and send it to your client, or you can enter an email address and click Add to send automatic email with link to open the file in 

To learn more about the collaboration tools introduced in CorelDRAW 2020, watch our full tutorial Understanding CorelDRAW’s Collaboration Workflow. 


Another way is to Publish to PDF, this works well if you are using an older version of CoreDRAW.  

Go to File > Publish to PDF or use the Publish to PDF icon. In the Publish to PDF window, enter your file name and save. You can also open the PDF Settings if you want to make adjustments, such as embedding fonts, adding a PDF password or including printer’s marks. 

To learn more about PDF settings, watch our full tutorial Publishing PDFs for Print Output. 

You can also find the CorelDRAW Q&A video here on the Discovery Center, where we answer more questions submitted by CorelDRAW users 

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