How to Manage fonts using Bitstream Font Navigator

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When extra content of a Corel product is installed, the fonts are coppied onto the system but they are not all installed in the Windows fonts directory. This is because some products come packaged with so many fonts that if they were all installed, it could slow down Windows or exceed the maximum number of fonts that will allow Windows to function at it's best; these extra font packages are meant for picking and choosing. That is why all versions of CorelDRAW come with an application called Bitstream Font Navigator which can be accessed in the programs list under the Corel Draw Graphics Suite folder.

When Bitstream is opened for the first time, it will take a few minutes to locate and catalog every font on the system and then display the fonts in two columns. The Left side of the window will list all font files on the system and the Right side will display the fonts that Installed.

To preview a font, click on it and it will show what the font looks like in the Preview portion of the window.

To install a font from the left column, right click and choose "Install"

After installing, a check mark will appear on the font name on the left column and the font will also appear in the right column.

After installing a font using Bitstream Font Navigator, you will be able to use that font in Corel products as well as most other products that use fonts.

To Uninstall a font, right click the font name in the Right column and choose "Uninstall". This will remove the check mark from the font on the left column. The font file will now remain on the system but no longer be installed. It can be re-installed at any time.

Please Note that an application may need to be closed and re-opened before the new font will appear in the font list of that program.


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