Tracing Photographs in CorelDRAW

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You can draw and produce vector graphics in CorelDRAW. A vector graphic uses geometric primitives, such as lines, points and curves, to create an image. One advantage to the CorelDRAW programs comes in the PowerTrace feature. PowerTrace works to build a trace image of a bitmap. The program allows you to adjust settings and preview the final product before saving it.


To trace photographs in CorelDRAW, please follow these steps: 

(1)   Convert your image to bitmap (BMP) or TIFF format. You can do this with several graphics programs, such as Paint. The resulting bitmap may lose some of the color properties. There are also image converters available, such as ReaConverter. These programs convert digital images to a new format.

(2)   Import your bitmap image. Select “File” then “New” from the program menu. This will create a new document. Click on “File” again and select “Import.” Locate your bitmap and load it onto the page.

(3)   Click “Bitmap” from the top of the screen. This will open the Bitmap menu.

(4)   Move to "Quick Trace" or "Centerline Trace" or “Outline Trace”

(5)   Select the option that applies, such as Technical Illustration, Line drawing, Lineart, Logo, Detailed logo, Clipart or low/high-quality photo image.

(6)   Select the settings for your trace. You may need to play around to get the best quality. Choices include smoothing, detail, color mode and remove color. The program provides a “Before and After” view for you to see the results of the trace as you change settings.

(7)   Save the graphic.

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