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In order to get all the bonus fonts that come with Corel Draw, you need the DVD version of the program.

When extra content is copied over from the Draw install disc onto the system, fonts are not automatically installed on windows. To install a font file on windows the file can be either copied and pasted into the C:/Windows/Fonts folder, pasted in the Fonts folder through the shortcut in Control Panel, or installed using the application Bitstream Font Navigator which is optional to install as part of the Corel Draw Graphics Suite.

It is not always ideal to copy entire folders of fonts at a time as it can cause issues to Windows; so for example, if the system already has 500 fonts and then 500 more are installed, Windows might start to run slower, cause errors and some fonts may even sporatically uninstall themselves and then not be recognised properly when being opened in a file.

Bitstream allows you to browse, preview, and install fonts that are anywhere on your system and also view the list of fonts you already have installed and allow you to see and remove the ones you don't use.

When saving a file from Corel Draw where Fonts have Not been converted to curves, using the option: "Embed Fonts Using TrueDoc(TM)" from the Save/Save-As menu will ensure that the fonts are packaged with the file and can be installed or used in conjunction with that file at whatever destination the file goes to. The reason why that feature is important is because Draw utilizes all installed fonts on a system, not just the ones that come with the program. If a file has been created using fonts that were native to the system rather than part of the bonus content, the receiver of the file will still have the ability to view the document properly if the embed option has been used.

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